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The sides of the phone will show reminders and notifications.

The back will be dormant when you're using the phone as usual i. There you'll have a display which has shortcuts to your most used apps. And your selfie game is about to be stronger than ever. When you turn the Mix Alpha around, the rear camera becomes a front camera. You'll use that, all megapixels of it, to shoot your selfies.

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The phone runs on the premium hardware you'd expect. The Mi Mix Alpha is a concept phone, but it will actually come to market. However, only a small number of units will be made. Who ever said the future would be cheap?

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Xiaomi made its name for being an Apple clone, but is responsible for some serious innovation. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Learn more. Uncover deeper insights Generate alpha in new and differentiated ways from research reports, analyst models and corporate access events. Discover research insights With precision, we bring together the relevant contributors, content and consumers to empower the timely distribution and discovery of research insights.

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Strengthen existing relationships We create a first-class research experience with tools that strengthen and streamline the relationships that already exist between the buy side, sell side and other providers. Redefine your research experience We inspire and affect positive change by continually elevating the way research can be discovered, consumed, tracked, valued and shared.

Transforming the way Wall Street firms collaborate on research, financial models and corporate access events. Solutions for the buy side From discovery and idea generation to resource tracking and research valuation, these buy-side solutions transform the way investors experience aggregated brokerage research, full analyst models, deep consensus analytics and corporate access calendars. In other words, alpha is hard to come by, especially after taxes and fees.

The entire investing universe offers a broad range of securities, investment products and advisory options for investors to consider. Different market cycles also have an influence on the alpha of investments across different asset classes.

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This is why risk-return metrics are important to consider in conjunction with alpha. It tracks a customized index called the Bloomberg Barclays U. ICVT had a relatively low annual standard deviation of 4. Year-to-date, as of November 15, , its return was The Bloomberg Barclays U. Aggregate Index had a return of 3. Therefore, the alpha for ICVT was Aggregate Index and for a relatively low risk with a standard deviation of 4.

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However, since the aggregate bond index is not the proper benchmark for ICVT it should be the Bloomberg Barclay's Convertible index , this alpha may not be as large as initially thought, and in fact may be misattributed since convertible bonds have far riskier profiles than plain vanilla bonds. WisdomTree U. Its holdings track a customized index called the WisdomTree U.

Quality Dividend Growth Index. It has a three-year annualized standard deviation of Its year-to-date return as of November 15, is The above example illustrates the success of two fund managers in generating alpha. Experts attribute this trend to many causes, including:.

A basic calculation of alpha subtracts the total return of an investment from a comparable benchmark in its asset category. This alpha calculation is primarily only used against a comparable asset category benchmark, as noted in the examples above.