An Interpretation of the English Bible - REVELATION (Volume XVII)

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The Translation Process

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The Book of Revelation - KJV - Audio Bible (FULL) by Alexander Scourby

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Study This. Revelation Revelation 16 Revelation Revelation For the meaning of the waters in this prophetic context, see v Revelation This may be a figurative reference to cult worship practices and idolatry.

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Revelation Lit full of. Revelation The Antichrist, the final world ruler. Revelation Or having a common purpose.

Modalism, Tritheism, or the Pure Revelation of the Triune God

Bible Gateway Recommends. View more titles. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. Similarly, an explanation of passages in the book of Revelation, now Doctrine and Covenants 77 , also arose directly from the Bible translation. Taking the form of a series of questions and answers, it was considered an inspired text and was included in an early revelation book.

Joseph and Emma left the Johnson farm and returned to Kirtland in September Williams as scribe. In July , Joseph wrote to W. I had many glorious seasons of refreshing.

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Joseph Smith soon came to a section in his King James Bible containing a collection of 14 books known as the Apocrypha. But the translation also had a significant influence on the Church in the way it shaped the content of the Doctrine and Covenants. More than half of the current Doctrine and Covenants consists of revelations received during the three-year period in which Joseph Smith labored over the Bible translation.

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