Damaged Issue #1

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Small but powerful, these plugs produce the spark of electricity that makes it possible for your car to start.

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To do so, the spark even has to jump across at little gap! As the plugs age, the extreme conditions to which they are continually exposed can cause damage in the form of fluid build-up and an expanding gap for the spark to cross. Left un-replaced, worn spark plugs can cause ignition problems, a loss of fuel economy, or damage to other internal systems.

Because a vehicle drop-off is typically required for this repair, you may want to schedule a spark plug replacement ahead of time. Should you worry? Having the issue investigated and resolved sooner, rather than later, could leave you with a much smaller repair bill at the end of the day.

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If fright night rolled around, no one egged your house, and you still smell rotten eggs, you might have a busted catalytic converter, notes CarsDirect. Beyond tainting your car with a noticeably nasty scent, a damaged converter can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency and driving speeds.

Check Engine Light On? Here’s What It May Be Telling You

Damage, typically in the form of blockage, often occurs because faulty plugs or sensors have gone untreated for too long. Did you know? Their name is Damage Control, and their business is restoration, on a super level. Art by Ernie Colon.

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Because you demanded it! Damage Control returns for another round of super restoration.

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  7. When super heroes need help, they call Damage Control. But who does Damage control call?

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    Art by Kyle Baker. When titans clash, as they often do, the results —n aside from justice done — are often considerable property damage. Not to worry.

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    7. When their buildings get trashed, New Yorkers know who to call: the engineering and reconstruction firm that specializes in the repair and restoration of property destroyed in superhuman conflicts — Damage Control. Damage Control team is accused of creating their own disasters to get the job of cleanup afterward.

      Issue #1: Faulty Oxygen Sensor

      Collects Damage Control 1st Series Written by Dwayne McDuffie. Cover by Ernie Colon.

      Dirt or Debris

      Galactus ate your apartment building? Call Damage Control. The S. Helicarrier crashed on your car?

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      Aliens destroyed Manhattan Meet the Marvel Universe's No. Not disastrous enough? How about their biggest challenges to date: Dr. Doom's unpaid bill and the aftermath of World War Hulk!

      http://modernpsychtraining.com/cache/high/qoho-cheating-partner-cell.php Softcover, pages, full color. World War Hulk is over. But the Aftersmash has just begun. And yes, smashing will be involved.