Deceptive Nights

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The institution waves the academic flag because the institution needs it, not the audience, not the artist. Dear Audience and Artist, you are free to go. Can we just admit that Minimalism is the Pop Art of the classical music world? That hocket is the audio equivalent of halftone and being functionally monophonic is an harmonic palette of just primary colors?

I would be the last person to tell another artist that he must suffer the misery of a quill and inkwell or that you should write your canon out by hand rather than click a couple buttons, trim the fat and call it a day. Please, enlighten us! A layer begins, another layer is slapped on top, then you pull something out for a bit, then you layer it all back in.

It was as if you could just see someone punching tracks in and out on a sequencer. Lines did not blend, they were jutted up against each other like a mixture of hard geometric shapes.

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Melody was down played in favor of textures and process, nudge a loop, get a new permutation. Nudge it again, get another permutation. The reason is because time is difficult to parse when things move slowly so the more you repeat with a frequent change the more you demarcate time for the listener.

Did anyone else notice that there were very few dynamics during this concert? Ben Ganz had dynamics but some suspiciously flat sounding audio quality at times , and Caroline Shaw wins the nuance award for the evening with her clever, delicate, and expertly balanced work for solo violin and voice. The rest of the concert was mostly just… loud. Not uncomfortably loud but just consistently lacking in the use of softer amplitudes.

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This to me is something that really sets classical music apart from pop genres. The Saturday night show had very little whispering and felt more like any other rock show. One could argue that loud is a choice, and it can be, but when you deny yourself the expressive power of using a full dynamic range, I consider that to be a poor choice. Not to mention tiring.

Deceptive Dreams

You may be wondering if I have any compassionate or happy bones in my inner ear and the answer is yes, yes I have a few. For two people and a pile of invented instruments, they produce a facile capriciousness of style and an amazingly varied color palette. As mentioned previously, Caroline Shaw performed a felicitous little piece for violin and voice.

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It was a simple little piece and like great simple things it was deceptively complex. I call this easy complexity and it is a mark of artistry. The one magical moment from the work was near the climax there was a sheet of resonance hanging in the air and then like some kind of magical creature, there emerged some of the most sparkling overtones that I have heard in person for some time.

Overall, I thought I hated this concert but as I wrestled with the lingering sounds and mulled over all these pesky details I came to really enjoy how persistent the music had been. Linda Chavis reviewed on on Feb. Deceptive Nights by Sylvia Hubbard Phoebe is a single mom with twins who lives with her widowed mother in Detroit. Phoebe has had enough of relationships because the last three left much to be desired. Jacoby Walter is a successful businessman and longs to be married but is picky.

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These two people meet on a street corner in Detroit and to say their lives will not be the same is an understatement. Ms Hubbard weaves a story of romance with a dose of suspense that has you page turning to find out what happens to the characters. There were also some light moments that had me laughing out loud. I recommend this book , buy it! Linda Chavis reviewed 58 days after purchase.

Antionette Gates reviewed on on Dec. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were strong and well developed. A great way to spend a holiday weekend a great romantic read! Chele Tea reviewed on on Oct. Another page turner by Sylvia Hubbard! I love her work.

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It was nice to see a strong family support system in place with Phoebe and her mom as well as a story of forgiveness with Jacoby and his. I enjoyed it from start to finish as I tend to do with all of Sylvia Hubbard's work. Tsiki reviewed on on Sep. Keep on keeping on reviewed 22 days after purchase.

Katown24 reviewed on on Sep.

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