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Furthermore, it was reported that a car, a blue Chevrolet with Californian license plate; KPB , had been reported stolen in Marin County the day after the escape. This discovery prompted speculation that officials knew of the evidence suggesting the trio survived, and that a cover-up of the evidence had taken place, along with them declaring the men drowned, not only to save Alcatraz's reputation as an "escape-proof" prison, but to hope the escapees would relax and then become easier targets to find.

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The DNA did not match and so the bones were not Morris'. That same year, an year-old man named Bud Morris, who claimed he was a cousin of Frank Morris, claimed that on "eight or nine" occasions prior to the escape he delivered envelopes of money to Alcatraz guards, presumably as bribes. He further claimed to have met his cousin face to face in a San Diego park shortly after the escape. His daughter, who was "eight or nine" years old at the time, said she was present at the meeting with "Dad's friend, Frank", but "had no idea [about the escape]".

Marshal, conceded that he "still [receives] leads once in a while regarding the case and there are still active warrants". A study of the ocean currents by scientists at Delft University and the research institute Deltares indicates that if the prisoners left Alcatraz at pm on June 11, they could have made it to Horseshoe Bay just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and that any debris that were released into the bay would have floated in the direction of Angel Island, consistent with where the paddle and belongings of the prisoners' was actually found.

A History Channel documentary entitled Alcatraz: Search for the Truth presented further circumstantial evidence gathered over the years by the Anglin family. While the handwriting was verified as the Anglins', none of the envelopes contained a postmarked stamp, so experts could not determine when they had been delivered.

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They produced photographs taken, they said, by Brizzi, including one showing two men who, according to Brizzi, was John and Clarence Anglin, standing next to a large termite mound, and several showing what they claimed was a Brazilian farm purportedly owned by the men. Forensic experts hired by the History Channel confirmed that the photos were taken in , and asserted that the two men were "more than likely" the Anglins.

A coroner did not find any significant trauma to Alfred, confirming his cause of death was most likely electrocution, but Alfred's DNA was compared with a sample from "John Bones Doe"; It was not a match and so the bones did not belong to either Anglin brother. Art Roderick, working with the Anglin family, called Brizzi's photograph of the two men "absolutely the best actionable lead we've had," but added, "it could still all be a nice story which isn't true"; or the photograph could be a misdirection, aimed at steering the investigation away from the Anglins' actual whereabouts.

Michael Dyke, the Deputy Marshal assigned to the case, said Brizzi was "a drug smuggler and a conman", and was suspicious of his account. An expert working for the U.

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Marshals Service compared measurements of the photo subjects' physical features to those of the Anglin brothers' arrest photos, believed it most likely is a picture of John and Clarence Anglin; although the age and condition of the photo, and the fact that both men were wearing sunglasses, hindered efforts to make a definitive determination. Other circumstantial evidence included the deathbed confession of Robert Anglin, who is said to have told family members in that he had been in contact with John and Clarence from until approximately Surviving family members, who said they have heard nothing since Robert lost contact with the brothers in , announced plans to travel to Brazil to conduct a personal search; but Roderick cautioned that they could be arrested by Brazilian authorities, because the Alcatraz escape remains an open Interpol case.

Creating handmade replicas of the raft and paddles, they tried for Horseshoe Bay, which they considered a more realistic landing site. While the rafters failed due to their raft being unseaworthy and had to be rescued by a motorboat that was shadowing their progress, they made it so close. In , the FBI confirmed that the existence of a letter, allegedly written by John Anglin, forced them to reopen the investigation into the case. The author of the letter, received by the San Francisco Police Department in , claims that Frank Morris died in and was buried in Alexandria under a different name, and Clarence Anglin died in The U.

Marshal's office is still investigating this case, which will remain open on all three escapees until their th birthdays. On an episode of the series Mission Declassified , investigative journalist Christof Putzel investigated the escape. Paddling with two other men in a replica of the makeshift raft used by the Anglins and Morris, they determined that due to the shifting tide, it is plausible that the trio could have paddled to Angel Island without a great degree of difficulty.

Noting the documents mentioning a raft being found on Angel Island, and the blue Chevrolet being stolen, Putzel combed though hundreds of documents and discovered various reports mentioning a Chevy of the same description making its way across the country over a couple months after the escape.


According to one report two weeks after the escape, a Chevy was spotted in Oklahoma with men who met the description of the escapees, [80] a Chevy discovered in Indiana, [81] a Chevy spotted in Ohio, [82] and in South Carolina, three months after the initial escape, three men matching the description of the Anglin brothers and Frank Morris trying to acquire a hideout in the woods.

West fictionalized as a character named Charley Butts was played by Larry Hankin. Terror on Alcatraz stars Aldo Ray as Morris, returning decades later to the scene of his escape from Alcatraz and scouring his old prison cell for a map to a safe deposit box key. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains weasel words : vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information. Such statements should be clarified or removed.

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Retrieved 2 August Marshals Service. Retrieved 14 October Retrieved 8 May Alcatraz History. Berkeley, Calif. BBC News. June 15, Retrieved May 7, What Makes a Child Shy? How We Affect Each Other. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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