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Seem reasonable? Well, the stock market has gone up 5. So either the stock market needs to do close to two times better than it has in the past 20 years possible but not likely or you need to turn into a super-human investor. In your spare time. Possible, I suppose, but not likely.

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Okay, is it me, or is the whole latte thing patronizing? Or a six-pack.

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Or a ribeye. Or the new tech gadget. Dripping with its feminine connotations as a milky, sweet, steamed, flippant luxury. Which gets to the broader issue of our society patronizing women on money. From childhood, we as a society send girls messages that they are bad with numbers, relative to their brothers.

Still today, parents talk to boys about making money and investing and to girls about saving money and being careful with it. Girls get lower grades in math than boys for the same answers at school.

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