Green Monster: A Sam Skarda Mystery #2 (Sam Skarda Mysteries)

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They parked in the underground lot and took the express elevator up to the 40th floor.

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Paul accompanied Kenwood into the office and then excused himself, waiting to be summoned for the drive out to Fenway later in the day. He says that right fielder at Pawtucket looks pretty good. We might sit Hurtado down for a couple of games and see what the kid can do up here. The fans are really dumping on Ivan. Edmunds knew enough not to offer serious suggestions; that was better left to the hard-core callers to the talk shows and the baseball nuts who posted on the proliferation of Sox websites.

Kenwood walked into his office, a fifty-by-fifty corner suite with ten-foot windows that looked toward Fenway Park to the southwest and BMW Bay to the southeast. The replica of the World Championship trophy, with its thirty gold flags surrounding a silver baseball, rested atop a four-foot-high pedestal against the wall.

Above it hung an oil painting of Fenway Park, looking from home plate toward the Green Monster. He dropped the paper on his desk, eased himself into his leather swivel chair, and picked up the stack of mail that Ellie had left for him.

Ecgs For Beginners 9781118821350 By Antonio Bayés De Luna

It was standard stuff except for a black envelope with his name and address spelled out in white ink. He slit it open with the commemorative letter opener presented to him by the Boston Chamber of Commerce at a banquet following the World Series. Inside was a piece of black stationery with more white writing:. The World Series was fixed. If this becomes public, no one will ever trust baseball again. The Red Sox will be the new Black Sox. The World Series—your proudest moment—will be remembered as a fraud.

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British Library. Contemporary Women. General Fiction. Literary Criticism. Media Tie-In. Police Procedural. Private Investigators. Reference: Bibliographies and Indexes. Reference: Writing Skills. Short Stories. Time Travel. Traditional British. Women Sleuths. Young Adult. A yacht, bobbing about in the Dorothy L.

So her prim and The Poisoned Pen. Indie Bound. About The Author Rick Shefchik. Coffee and a blueberry scone this morning, please. Inside was a piece of black stationery with more white writing: Lucky Louie, The World Series was fixed. Use your head, Babe Ruth. Books In The Series. More by Rick Shefchik.

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The Gendarme fb2

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