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From upscale homes and condos, to mortgage rates and legal issues — Hot Property covers it all. Speak-one-on-one with our real estate experts to answer your buy, sell or mortgage questions. Call The Al Sinclair Team is a hand picked group of award winning professionals dedicate to making your real estate adventure an easy and rewarding one Each Team member has been specially trained in all areas of Toronto Real Estate and is as diverse as the great city they represent. Our Home Find consultation and Sell Smart Service is free to anybody who is considering making a move.

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Visit our website at www. AlarmForce brings over 25 years of experience providing advanced security solutions that give peace of mind to our customers. Whether a pipe burst, smoke is detected or an intruder has broken in, our live Two-Way Voice technology allows us to respond within seconds and alert the authorities immediately. Instead of micro-managing general managers and their executive teams, our success depends on our ability to work collaboratively.

This is why we spend so much time trying to get a full picture of the specific dynamics and limitations each general manager works under. Given the need we talked about earlier to align interests, the role of a hotel asset manager can of course be adversary too.

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After all, we need to ensure owners only get billed for justifiable expenses and cross-check that revenue and cost items are booked in the right departments. It is also our job to help ensure the best executive team is in place and see to it that operators comply with the most recent accounting standards.

Mistakes can and do happen of course. If disagreement with the local team persists, we may then escalate it to the corporate office. The owner is always informed of any mistakes we pick up on, although minor ones will mostly be dealt with without their direct intervention. Although still more common in upscale, full-service hotels operated by regional and international hotel companies — hotel asset management is a thriving profession.

Given the complexities of the hospitality market, many asset owners highly value the stability and clarity we bring within the relationship between the owner and the operator. A specialist in pre-opening hotels and airlines, operations, hotel investments as well as sales and residential marketing. He has worked at senior level in various hotels, in addition to working with several airlines. In News. By frontend.

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Hotel asset management is a booming profession. Reason 1: They bridge the knowledge gap between owners and operators When owners and operators enter a hotel management agreement, they often do so with different objectives in mind. This is where we as hotel asset management professionals step in. It is also part of the broader Arctic region, considered strategically important because of its proximity to the U. After the war, the U. The U.

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Greenland is part of the Danish realm along with the Faeroe Islands, another semi-autonomous territory, and has its own government and parliament. Its indigenous people are not wealthy, and vehicles, restaurants, stores and basic services are few. Greenland is thought to have the largest deposits outside China of rare earth minerals used to make batteries and cellphones. Such minerals were deemed critical to economic and national security by the U. Geological Survey estimates there could be So far, no oil in exploitable quantities has been found.

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Michael Byers, an Arctic expert at the University of British Columbia, suggests there are better approaches for Washington than the politically awkward suggestion of purchasing Greenland. Arctic resources are expensive and that is why there is not more activity taking place. In , Denmark reversed plans to sell Groennedal, a former U. Last year, then-U. Defense Secretary James Mattis successfully pressured Denmark not to let China bankroll three commercial airports on Greenland, over fears they could give Beijing a military foothold near Canada, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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