How To Profit in Texas on Real Estate With Delinquent Property Taxes

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In one of the most common methods, the winning bidder is the one who will accept the lowest interest rate. That can lower the rate to far below what state laws allow, but it can still be much higher than other investments. The big gamble: Most homeowners pay off their back taxes within a year and nearly all of them pay what they owe eventually. Lien holders may have to pursue a foreclosure, and, if that doesn't get the homeowner to pay their taxes, then the investor will likely have to take possession of the property.

That means going through a legal process that often includes getting a sheriff to evict the old occupants. If an investor fails to do either of those things, the lien will eventually expire and it will become worthless. In a foreclosure, the tax lien holder usually has first claim on the property, even over the bank that holds the mortgage should the homeowner still owe money on the home. Foreclosures go through the county, which has to notify the delinquent taxpayer that a foreclosure sale is pending and advertise the sale, usually online and in local newspapers.

In many states, the tax lien holder can get full title free and clear on the property in a foreclosure: The bank gets nothing.

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However, to protect its interest, the bank will often pay off the back taxes, plus interest. If there's no mortgage, the lien holder can repossess the home. That's not a bad deal if the home is worth more than the amount the lien buyer has already put into the deal. In fact, some investors look for that potential when they bid on the debt.

However, wading into tax lien foreclosures -- on purpose -- is a tricky and time-consuming business that can easily backfire. It takes time to recuperate from this. But sometimes, recovery includes selling off your house.


Hope is not lost. There are ways to settle your tax payments or even keep your home. Take a look at the following options. If you can borrow money from your family or friends to pay those taxes, do so by all means. No matter how dire the situation is, there may be a way to raise money for your home. Most money-making methods would take away some time from your family. You will have to tighten your belt even more to save more — but these are temporary. Once the taxes are paid, you and your family get to remain in your home and continue planning for the future. You can apply online, by mail, or phone.

It is also possible to sell independently through MLS although it comes with the inconvenience of shouldering all the paperwork as well as the legwork. This will guarantee payment for all the money owed at closing and may solve your probl em.

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This is not the best idea , but it might work. Why the doubt? Not every buyer would be willing to pay the selling price of your home if you will sell it as-is. Add to it the risk of incurring additional tax debts while you wait for your home to sell, which may take quite a while. When the only option left is to sell, you might as well sell it to a reputable realtor, such as Simple House Solutions.

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Do not let your financial strain cloud your judgment when it comes to selling your house to a real estate investor. Finding a reputable company is key!


Although there are many people who are looking to take advantage of you—Simple House Solutions is focused on providing you solutions and options. It is important to choose the company you do business with carefully. There are two good reasons to do this:. You would probably agree tax talks are complex. You can load yourself with information from various sources including the Internet and still wonder: can I sell my house if I owe back taxes?

Investors target property tax deadbeats

Q: Where do you see technology supporting property tax collection heading in the next five years? It truly is amazing how intelligent our tools have become. And how much technology is allowing non-programmers to create automation. The key to leveraging this new technology is understanding that it is only as good and as creative as your people. So, being the place to work, and treating your employees with dignity and respect, and allowing them to grow, is an essential element to using technology correctly. And we can only get there with employees who are engaged and well trained.

It is wonderful to see our workforce transform and become more highly skilled. It is very rewarding to be a part of that personal growth. Our business partners, tax collectors, are, of course, becoming more sophisticated, as well. Their websites are far more data rich.

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We are seeing a rapid expansion of electronic property tax delivery for reporting and payments. Q: What is the most problematic tax collection process that mortgage servicers face in your opinion? Collins: Of all the strange tax collection processes in the U. These lending companies cater to lower-income families in financial distress, in the guise of helping them through tough times.

Until recently, it was only legal in the state of Texas. Here is how it works: A homeowner who is having trouble paying their property taxes is allowed to approach a lender to obtain a loan to pay those taxes. The business sprung up in the s and took advantage of an old law on the books in Texas that was intended to give protection to family members lending sums of money to family members who could not afford to pay their taxes.

A Crash Course in Tax Lien & Deed Investing (and My Love/Hate Relationship With Both)

And it allowed those family members making the loan to take over the property if the loan was not paid. Suddenly, businesses used that law to enable them to make small loans to homeowners to pay taxes, where that loan was secured by the house. And the lien took priority over the first mortgage. The loan could be made without the consent of the mortgage company, and even without notifying them of the loan and new lien.

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The mortgage holder was left holding a worthless piece of paper with no recourse, and the homeowner was out on the street. There were even cases of fraud and abuse where folks would take out a loan, intentionally not pay it back, and then work with the loan company to obtain the title to their house for pennies on the dollar. It was incredible to me that this practice existed — especially in Texas, where collectors are legally obligated to create delinquent tax repayment programs for owners who cannot afford to pay their delinquent taxes and tax deferment programs for owners over the age of Incredibly, the state of Nevada recently adopted the same type of program, and several other states are looking into legalizing the practice, as well.

Collins: I believe the single most important thing in the property tax industry is communication. Think of the logistics of this business. We work with more than 22, individuals who collect taxes. Compare that with countries like England that have a single tax collector, or Canada that has 10, one for each province. Then there are thousands of mortgage origination and servicing companies that need to board loans to servicing systems, pay real estate taxes for their clients via escrow accounts or check behind those homeowners who pay their own taxes.

These activities are to ensure everything was paid correctly and that there are no outstanding tax bills that might create a lien against the home or even cause them to lose their home. Also consider we do not live in a static world. So, this population of 22, collectors is ever-changing. Some tax collectors are elected officials, so the names change.