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Grooming prices will be based on the size and breed of the pet, the type of grooming desired and the condition of the pet's coat. Physical exam, nail trimming and expressing of the anal glands will be included in the complete grooming prices.

Prices for simple bathing and brush-out will be somewhat lower, but still based on size, breed and condition of coat. Training Our prices will be competitive with others in the area.

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Price is based on the length of the standard basic behavioral training contracted. One Piece to Ceiling 16 Gauge Stainless 7. Each work day has 9 hours Grooming will be done 6 days a week. There are 50 workweeks 52 weeks minus 1 week vacation and 1 week holidays in a year. One grooming van can handle 6 pets per day.

There are days at 6 pets per day, which equals 1, pets per year. Total These lenders are all active throughout our service area that is Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Ocean Blvd. Alliance Bank J. Kim, Vice President W.

Endersen, Director N. Harbor Blvd. Bank, N. Robert R. Flores, Senior Vice President N. Brand Blvd. There are over 4, dogs and cats for every U. The U. Executive Summary The enclosed business plan outlines the planned launch of Artistry Pet Salon Mobile Grooming, a full-service mobile pet grooming business. The plan recognizes the necessity for capital planning and calculates the cash flow required for success, including projections for the venture's month cash flow. Start-up funds will be utilized to pay for mobile van, equipment and supplies; advertising; administrative costs; and inventory for the first six months.

The business is expected to generate break-even earnings in the sixth month of the first year. Artistry Mobile Pet Salon caters to pet clients by grooming their pet dogs and cats in a fully equipped, state-ofthe-art, climate controlled van at the clients home location. The Artistry Mobile Pet Salon capitalizes on a low number of competing mobile pet grooming in the same geographic area, a growing family-oriented population with higher-than-average household income in the region located within a mile radius.

The Artistry Mobile Pet Salon is positioned as a high-value, come-to-your-home quick pet grooming service offering grooming by an expert breeder, handler and show person for the past nineteen years. The Artistry Mobile Pet Salon caters to clientele who want expert grooming for their pets, with at-home service but wont sacrifice quality.

Artistry Mobile Pet Salon is a true "baby boomer" concept that features "Come to you" pet grooming for those thousands of recent retirees too busy with their new life style to do the mundane things like taking their pet to a grooming shop and either waiting or having to return hours later to pick up their pet. Financial Objectives For comparison purposes, the owner is benchmarking operating statistics against the industry average, based on the U. Pet Grooming and Supplies data. Please review the enclosed business plan and loan proposal, and of course feel free to ask for any additional information or explanations you may want.

I will call you the last week in March to arrange an appointment so that we can discuss the loan in person. Artistry Enterprises, 2. This business is conducted as a California corporation. The registrant has not yet begun to transact business under the fictitious name or names listed herein. A registrant who declares as true information, which he or she knows to be false, is guilty of a crime. These are our starting prices according to breed.

A starting price means average size according to breed, average coat according to breed and coat in good condition minimal matting, minimal to average amount of dead undercoat, no de-skunking needed. Also, upon request, we will do hand stripping of rough-coated breeds. Free of tumors, ticks, fleas, greasiness, dandruff and bare patches. NOSE: The nose is moist and free of discharge and sores. EARS: Ears are clean and free of odor, discharge and ear mites. EYES: Bright and clear.

No signs of discharge, irritation, discoloration, tearing or cloudiness. The white of the eyes show no signs of veins, ulcers or sores. Pink gums with no redness or swelling, bad breath, sores or growths. Obtain a business license. Register with the Secretary of State. Comply with professional, environmental, disability and other regulations specific to Artistry business. Comply with sales and use tax requirements, particularly if you plan on selling goods in a state with sales tax.

Obtain workers' compensation insurance. Fill out an I-9 form for you as a worker. Fill out a W-4 form for you as a new employee. Withhold the correct amount of taxes and social security from your paychecks and deposit the withholdings with the IRS. Comply with OSHA. Business Type File corporate or limited liability company papers with the Secretary of State's office. You can apply for an EIN by phone, online, or by mail.

The online application is not yet available for all types of businesses. Applying by phone or online is recommended as the IRS has a policy of providing the number immediately. To apply online, go to the online application. However, because a corporation is considered a separate entity from its owners, this regulation typically doesn't apply to a corporation doing business under its own corporate name, or to professional partnerships practicing under a partnership name.

Check with your city or town hall or your local chamber of commerce for requirements. Also check with your state government. Special Licenses Since you plan on running a business that sells or uses things, those things typically will determine what types of licenses and permits you will require.

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In order to find out which regulations you must comply with, call the local city hall, civic center, or chamber of commerce and consult with your lawyer. They should be very helpful in explaining local requirements to you. Another great source of information are similar businesses located in the same area. Talk to the owners of other pet grooming services already established there. For specific state requirements, start by visiting the SBA's list of state links.

Most cities and towns have strict zoning laws that determine what types of commerce may and may not take place in specific locations.

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If you have any questions about zoning, call the Simi Valley city hall or the Simi Valley chamber of commerce. Since you will work out of your home, the licenses you are required to have are often determined by your business mailing address. Since you plan on hiring employees, you enter into a whole new world of federal, state, and local requirements.

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Insurance You should consider Key Man insurance for the business. You need to have insurance to cover the mobile van as a vehicle and as a facility with assets. You also need standard business insurance liability, flood, fire, theft, etc. Workmans Compensation Check with your Insurance Agency or the California board of workers' compensation for information and assistance to see if you will need workers Comp.

In most states, businesses above a certain size are required to carry workers' compensation insurance in case of on-the-job accidents In obtaining workers' compensation insurance, shop around and compare quotes from several brokers. Also, be sure the occupational codes used to characterize your employees based on their type of work are correct.

Insurance rates vary depending on what code is chosen. Also check with California state government for additional requirements. Visit the Department of Labor's Employment Standards Administration Wage and Hour Division to find out about federal minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws. Register Trademarks If there are any names, words, or phrases you want to protect as a trademark or service mark, it may be a good idea to clear your use for conflicts with others' marks and to register the trademark with the federal government.

Finding Financing Since you're a woman, there are many organizations that have been set up to help get minority businesses off the ground. Some organizations may offer special financing deals. Many foundations and government agencies offer grants or incentives to small businesses that meet specific requirements.

Business Overview

Some grants are offered as part of an entrepreneurial award. Taxes When, what, and how often you file your taxes will depend on your individual business and on the type of organization you decide to become. Overall, there generally are three broad types of taxes that many small businesses face: taxes on business profits, taxes on payroll, and sales and use taxes.