Islam in our backyard: A Novel Argument

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From he was a literary consultant at Sindbad publications, helping to introduce a French reading public to the classics of Arabic and Persian literatures as well as the great Sufi writers. An outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism , he lamented the rise of Islamic fascism , which he noted was both exploitative of traditional Islamic values and given to the glorification of totalitarian dictators that sought "to colonize every last corner of private life His erudite historical and cultural analyses of world events led to many publications, interviews and radio commentaries.

His work juxtaposes writers and scholars from East and West, engaging subjects that are historical, cultural, religious, political, and thereby challenging the stereotypes that Muslims and Europeans hold about each other. A voice of tolerant Islam, Meddeb is no stranger to controversy from militant Muslim quarters and some left-wing journalists, who accuse him of complacency towards the Ben Ali regime. His texts are those of a polymath.

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His work, translated into over a dozen languages, opens onto and enriches the dialogue with contemporary world literature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Abdelwahab Meddeb. Tunis , French Tunisia.

A novel argument

Paris , France. This section possibly contains original research. Review : Evangelicals Now , June This is an interesting and highly unusual book about Islam post-September 11 by Tony Payne, a well-known Christian author and journalist from Australia. The book is written in the form of an ongoing discussion between the author and a fictitious neighbour of his though it has clearly grown out of many real contacts with unbelievers.

Mehdi Hasan - Islam Is A Peaceful Religion - Oxford Union

The neighbour is typical of many Western 'pagans' in that he is troubled by militant Islam, and unsure what attitude ordinary citizens in a Western-style democracy ought to take to Islam. With this format the author not only manages to outline succinctly the main doctrines and practices of Islam, and explain the main groups within the faith, but seeks to answer honestly some of the pressing but contentious questions about Islam that face us today. These questions include whether militancy and violence are essential and inevitable ingredients of Islam, and even more basically can and should religions be critiqued and tested for their truthfulness or otherwise.

Islam in our backyard

The answers are refreshingly honest and not fashioned by political correctness. Though this is a slim volume it is not generally over-simplistic in its approach or conclusions. Its storyline makes it very readable and will challenge Christian readers to think through their attitudes to Islam and also to whether, in the present world climate, there are opportunities for us to engage with anxious pagan Westerners over such questions in a way that will provide thoughtful gospel opportunities.

I think it might also be interesting to lend it to a non-Christian neighbour or perhaps even a Muslim friend, with a view to discussing its conclusions. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Find Cheap Books in The Bargain Bin at AwesomeBooks In fact you only really need to read the bits outlined and can really skip the storyline if it's information and apologetics that you're interested in like myself. Follow the author Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

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Product Information. Product details. Divining Rod. This book is so relevant in the world today, despite having been written over 15 years ago!

It's very well written and in a sense is gripping and you want to read the whole thing straight away, which is good, as it's easy to read and quite short. Summary: an intricately deep and resourceful reference volume that reads like a novel! Although now 15 years old this book should still be essential reading for all Christians. I found it to be a refreshingly simple and clear presentation of many of the issues concerning Islam. The subtitle 'A novel argument' is blatantly ambiguous: Yes, it is firstly a novel, but secondly, the approach or 'story-line', in my experience, is completely novel, or original in its style of presentation.

The issues are dealt with carefully and, where one might need clarification, that's what we get in simple terms so that the casual reader or non-Christian can understand not only the facts but also the implications. I, too, have come back to order multiple copies! A very enjoyable read!

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