Keys to Living a Regret Free Life

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I am a marriage and family therapist in Santa Monica, and I see both couples and individuals. So why do some people come out of an ended relationship stronger and some emerge bitter and resentful? To turn regrets into lessons, you need to start by practicing forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness means forgiving both yourself and any other parties involved.

The key to forgiveness is seeing the humanity in each of us. Human beings are flawed. We make mistakes not because we are evil, terrible, unworthy people, but because we are human. The second step is to identify the lessons of your experiences and use those lessons to make better decisions going forward.

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What is it, precisely, that you feel regretful about? Do you regret your choice of partner, or something specific that you did while with them? Do you regret taking a job you now hate, or not taking a job you think you would have loved? If you regret not doing something, explore ways you may do it now. Even if that one job is gone, for example, there may be others you can apply for. Rather than ruminate for the rest of your life about the career that got away while working a job you hate, turn that angry energy into motivation to search for a job you could love.

If you regret doing something, make amends.

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If you hurt someone, call them or write them a letter. Moving, doing, and acting are all great ways to combat the bitterness, resentment, and anger that comes with regret. Letting go of regrets frees up emotional energy we can use to correct past mistakes and learn from them. A Museum of Failure opened recently in Los Angeles. It displays products that failed spectacularly, from cars to computers.

What will you do now to transform that regret into action? Found this page via searching for break-up regrets. It happened over 30 years ago, I wasn't isn't emotionally stable, and I keep hanging on to that regret. He was perfect for me, and loved me, and I left him to return to an emotionally abusive addict. Yeah, you saw where I said I'm not emotionally stable, right? So I keep flashing back to "the love I lost" walked away from and how CRUEL I was not deliberately, but via not being honest enough with myself to be honest to him and how I wish I could let him know that I eventually realized I'd made the wrong choice and I feel awful about the way I handled didn't handle it.

I don't know where he is and, even if I did, I don't know if I could reach out, because I think I'm doing that for me and that it wouldn't be helpful to him at all. I'm still paying the price for the choice I made, and I can't seem to get past regret without amends, but I think amends are a little selfish, at this point. I post comments like these to "confess," I guess, since I may never be able to make up for it.

I hope. And the icing on the cake is that I also regret how I let the relationship I left him for get so bad. I'm still in it.

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I shouldn't be, but cannot seem to walk away from this one, for some reason. And so I regret that, instead of dealing with it like a grown-up, I have turned vindictive and hateful and martyr-like, and have contributed to the "badness" of this relationship too.

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  • So there's MORE to regret. At least, with this one, I have every day to try to act in ways that will leave me less to regret.

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    Hello Liv - I am thinking it must be very hard to live with those thoughts in your head. My advice is to speak to a therapist. It is a wonderful step to begin by writing your thoughts down as you have here. Best of luck to you, Andrea. Thank you so much for this article! Thank you so much and I will definitely be referencing you and your article throughout the episode! Thank you, Andrea for this awesome read! I have been making some mistakes past few months probably I am too exhausted with my work - life balance.

    Every time I've had made a mistake, I am filled with regret I got into a minor car accident today. I love how you have put in words - "Human beings are flawed. Andrea Brandt, Ph.

    Below are 5 helpful tools to make sure you live regret-free.

    They are part of who you are and how you are. Accept them for what they are. First I accept the situation, then I try my best to learn all the lessons possible so that I can implement my knowledge into any future endeavors that may be similar in nature, in order to maybe have a more favorable outcome.

    Keys to Living a Happy and Regret-Free Life by Santosh Joshi

    Sounds easy but it is a process that I continually struggle with, but I remain positive. Anonymous December 1st, pm. Hi, My way has been to analyze myself and think about the benefits of my regrets.

    While at first it seems impossible to come up with anything positive about the things I regret, with time I have discovered that they have steered me in a direction that has been somehow positive, e. Allowed me to meet new people, look for a new job, change something in my life, etc. Anonymous July 4th, pm. We must be strong against all things in life as well as positive things. And regrets are including this. Anonymous August 1st, pm. I always have regrets but once you relize there is a limit to how much you regret things will get better.

    Anonymous December 13th, pm. Regrets can both shape us and destroy us.

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    As human beings, life is full of decisions, some made by ourselves and others that are out of our control. I have made many wrong decisions in life but I have learnt from them and it has opened new doors that would have otherwise remained closed. Do not have a regret that you tried something and didn't achieve what you wanted.

    Think about what you obtained from trying. Learn from your mistakes and try to move past the obstacle. Anonymous February 20th, am. I personally prefer to not think of them as regrets. Referring to them as learning opportunities really helps shift the internal narrative from something negative to something constructive. It makes it much easier to say 'I can do better next time.

    There are many regrets to bare, some that cut deeper than others; but each action we have taken, good or bad, has led to who we are today, and that should be encouraging. Whether your regrets affect others or yourself personally, there are always ways to address these, whether the person you know is living or lives no longer, or whether you can forgive yourself or not, there are always things that you can do to bring about a change, no matter how little or small! These two things are key for dealing with regrets, accept the situation, and don't carry your guilt, or take it out on yourself, learn to forgive yourself.

    Learn from the experience, learn to forgive yourself. Learn from your mistakes, but remain aware that every decision you make has consequences, and that you must be willing to live with them when you make that decision. I try to look at everything that happens to me that i'd usually think of regretfully, as a lesson.

    Something to grow from and not repeat. That's how I move forward.