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This weather has been a bit crazy here, as last night got down to about 30 and today, is about noon and its pretty cold. Im wondering if before i plant them outside, if i should start taking them outside on my porch to let them adjust and then bring them in at night, or just leave them out for a few days before i plant them as long as it don't get down to 30 again. But then for all i know, they might be a little plant that likes the cool weather!!

Thank you for the help. It sounds like they may be hyacinths if they are blooming in Zone 5 right now or look up spring bulbs for Zone 5. Look up those and let me know if that is what they are and I'll give you more information. Most flowers that are blooming right now are probably spring bulbs and most do spread.

Most gardeners say to plant in groups of three for a good show, so I wouldn't plant them too far apart. You can always divide bulbs in the fall if they are planted too close together. Let me know if you find out what they are and I'll give you more information. Hello, i am new to gardening and planting things. I bought a home last fall and found out my home sat empty for so long that people came and dug up all the plants that were in the yard, so i am kind of starting from scratch, and have no clue as to what i am doing.

I recently went to cvs and seen these beatuiful plants, and bought 3 of them, i bought one of each color they had, and now i am reading around looking for info on them. Right now, they are on a short stalk with a few flowers and a few tight buds on the stem.


When i plant them, eventually in a few years will each plant turn into more then just the one main stem, or for the most part will they get a few stems per plant and get the flowers on it?? I think i am kind of confused because i keep reading about bulbs and mine came as already plants, so i am assuming that they were a bulb. I would really like for them to spread out, but from looking at your pretty pictures, i am guessing they don't "bush" out, but mostly will keep to a stem versus turing into a small bush, or rather a clump, Is that right??

Also, i am in central indiana zone 5 and was thinking of planting them on the south side of my house, kind of close to the house. Do you think that would be okay for them?? I have read on here that they like mulch, since i will be planting them this weekend april 26th or 27th that i should cover with mulch right away, or should i wait until early fall to add mulch around them??

This is my Amaryllis Plant - Amaryllis Bloom - Love it.

And they stay in ground all winter correct?? I know i have recently bought some bulbs glads or something that says they need to be pulled up in fall and stored for the winter, i am not sure if i need to do that with these as it didn't really have much info on the tag i got with them, it just said hybred lilly.

Any and all advice suggestions will get super helpful!! I think these are so pretty and i would LOVE to be able to enjoy them for years to come and just want to make sure they get a decent start. I think i might be over thinking and worring about them, but i don't have a "green thumb" so to say, so i am hoping these will be easy for me to take care of.

I am really interested in making my own colors and such as you wrote about in your post here. I had no clue that just rubbing the yellow middles together that you can create a different colors. But for me, that will come a few years down the road because right now i am just worried about getting them planted in a good spot and getting them established. You should try them.

You'll never be sorry, since they bloom year and years and the bulbs aren't that expensive. Thanks for reading.

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Hello again Barbara Kay! I did enjoy this hub! Beautiful flowers and hostas too! I knew I was going to like you! LOL I am going to pick up some bulbs this week-end. I know a little more about where to plant them now, thanks to you! Voted up, beautiful and sharing! Trish, I haven't ever heard about the lilies being dangerous to cats. I have lots of them planted here and the cat just never went near them and she hung around the garden all the time.

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Lilies: Varieties & Planting Guide

Click thumbnail to view full-size. Choosing the Right Lily Bulbs The Asiatic bulbs are the first to bloom and come in a large variety of colors. Planting the Bulbs The bulbs can be planted in either spring or fall. Caring for Asiatic Lilies Fertilize your plants with a slow-release food in the early spring. Dividing the Bulbs If your Asiatics start blooming less frequently, it is probably time to divide the bulbs. Hybridizing Lilies My granddaughter and I tried our own hand at hybridizing Asiatics.

The plants will take about three years before you'll see blooms. This takes patience. More Info About Growing Flowers Growing Clematis Vines If you have any problems growing these beautiful flowered vines, be sure to read the tips for planting and growing them. Orientals bloom when the other lilies are finished. Be sure to include them in your garden. Question: Once the petals of Asiatic lilies fall off, do they come back again; or is it just the one bloom? Answer: Asiatic lilies are ready for the winter when the petals fall off and the plant has turned brown.

Helpful Answer: A bloom can last two weeks, but more buds will open. Answer: Many Asiatics are hardy in Zone 3; the bulbs don't go into dormancy like many other bulbs. Question: Something is eating holes in my lily buds. Do you know what it is, and what I can do? Answer: I can't say for sure without seeing the culprit. Answer: Most Orientals are hardy in your area. Helpful 4. Answer: Asiatics can be grown in pots, but they should be planted outdoors after blooming. Helpful 2. Answer: Using a bulb planter is the easiest way. Answer: My research says that deer love the buds and blooms. Try deer repellent.

That is the only solution I have other than getting your own dog. Question: I have 3 yellow Asiatic lilies that I had in a pot last year and planted in the ground last fall. Answer: The only answers that I can find is that too wet conditions can cause this. Answer: Asiatics are fragrant and do attract bees, but not mosquitoes. I have received lily bulbs sprouting in July. Is it too late to plant. My lillies bloomed then the flowers fell off. And theres not any more blooms. Do you have to dig theses up in the winter and replant following year.

What are the black things that grow out from the stalk after flowering? Hi I live in Ocala Fl zone 9. And just purchased some orange and yellow Asiatic lilies.

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Will these grow here? And how long will they flower? Barbara Kay Paul Albuquerque, NM. These sounds so wonderful and colorful. I might get a few and try them out. I'd do more research before giving up on the lilies.

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