Massacre For Enginetown (Around the Martian Fringe Book 2)

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Words: 40, Published: February 22, A girl uses supernatural means to take revenge on her abusive brother; a reuniting father and son search for a kidnapped village; a group of boys try to survive a night in an ancient forest, hunted by a savage monster; a young man finds his courage on a hunting trip when he must save his mother's life; and, a scientist tries to retain his sanity, locked in with an enormous terraforming engine. Words: 42, Published: January 24, Branch, exiled and enslaved, becomes the center of a terrible family conflict in a hostile Martian town. Her only hope for escape lies with the enigmatic, mutated Quinn--who is prone to horrible bursts of violence.

Together, they attempt to rise above their broken pasts and find some hope for the future. Words: 46, Published: December 27, In possession of a mysterious treasure map, young half-brothers Quinn and Teddy run away from their home, leaving behind their murdered mother. Determined to craft their own destiny in the frontier of Mars, the boys are hunted by lawmen and haunted by a brutal demonic beast.

Words: 35, Published: November 23, In the harsh Martian frontier, surgeon Clay and his young wife Maggie are faced with an ugly new problem--Maggie is pregnant. Without medication, she'll give birth to a monster. Together with a Martian native named Abram, they travel across the foreboding landscape to try and find a resolution. But, old resentments between the three can't stay hidden forever Phone 31M-J. Telephone Vt.

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