Out Of The Darkness - A Catholic Mans Guide To Breaking Pornography Addiction

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It sounds like there are several people on here who are willing to be prayer partners with you and even a sounding board if needed. Please let one of us know if we can be of any help to you during this time. Sarah, your marriage may be broken and struggling but it is not terminal.

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With Gods grace and help you can move thru these first difficult and disappointing years towards more open communication, honesty, realistic expectations, and embrace your role as a wife to serve and forgive the very human man that you married. Starting marriage with secrets and baggage which could only be covered with lies for awhile until the ugly truths reveal themselves….

Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC

Choosing to trust without any evidence to support that choice can only be done thru the strength of God in your life. But, chains can be broken in the power of Jesus. Your husband … He can still choose to walk in the ways of the Lord, get back up when he stumbles and is far more likely to do that with a godly wife at his side.

I will pray for you and your fears and your heartaches which I know very well.

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May God be your joy and your strength. Many Christians are confessing their sinful fruit, which is important, while they do not realize the importance of dealing with the belief systems BEHIND their negative feelings and behaviors. Eric H. Sarah… I am a former Bible College student and former youth pastor. I am married for 10 yrs with 2 kids. I am a sex addict and only now just started admitting it. And just now I started believing I am not sober and need sobriety.

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I started intensive counseling recently and I am beginning to see that there really can sobriety and freedom away from sex addiction and there really is non sobriety and a shrouded mind with non sobriety. It has 1. Caused me to retreat from life due to the shame of being an addict and 2.

The addiction is real for me and I am seeing others with real hope and freedom and I am beginning to walk there myself. Please continue to hold out hope for your husband if there is still time. There is freedom and hope for him, you and your marriage. I am new to sobriety but very old in hiding and shame and feeling lost and helpless in my own damaging behavior. I am seeing hope in others and there is hope for your marriage.

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But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. So many of us Christians have permitted our witness to be shot to pieces by pornography. How can we ever be credible witnesses for Him again? And it gets worse. Fiction inside and out of the romance genre is becoming more and more saturated with sex scenes and sexual situations.

This includes material that is often considered suitable for young adults… As a Christian female author working primarily in the fantasy and science fiction genres, this is the war I fight against every single day. Thank you for being willing to fight. Thank you for not allowing your narratives to engage in that filth.

Thank you for standing up.

I will search out your books Alycia. Thank you. Thank you for writing this article. Over the past 3 years I have been going through an intensive study into purity in Christ. The whole desire of the study is purity in thought and action with specific steps taken against porn through understanding and fully accepting what Christ has done for me, accountability with other men, and consistently fighting against my desires to go back against what I have built into my brain.

I know I will battle for the rest of my life to restore what my mind lost. Yet, the hope of the Gospel is what has done the most. Through the study my focus has shifted completely from myself to Christ. Yes, I am human, but the temptations come less and the focus on Christ consumes my mind in His Word. Everything truly does start to fade away when Jesus is the true focus of my heart. Every man that thinks he does not need to take a serious look at the porn issue should stop and think. If you think you cannot help then you are wrong. Just talking to a porn addict and listening to them share about their life is worth a lifetime for the addict.

A porn addict would rather shut themselves in a room and isolate themselves because they feel no worth for society. But deep inside, every time they look at the moving images they want to escape and there is no way out in their minds. It takes the Supernatural to break through and provide the healing. You might be the start of the healing process! I am posting hoping to reach out to other women like me or to men who might, just might listen. I had no clue. Think me clueless, stupid, whatever, what I really am is heartbroken and devastated and looking around at shattered dreams.

See, he was caught by IT people at work. We also have three children together.

Overcoming Pornography Addiction: The Healing Power of Jesus Christ

He wants to change. But how am I to learn to trust again? How is he to learn to be interested in me rather than the porn?

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How am I to feel good about allowing that to happen? I feel so cheap, so used, so cast aside. I want to love him. I plead with you. It will never be enough and you will never be satisfied. You will continue to damage your family, perhaps irreparably. As the wife who is lying on the floor sobbing trying to figure out how to get up, please, please, please.

I beg of you to take care of your family.

Get whatever help you need to kill this demon inside. We have 2 kids.

What are you searching for?

We trusted someone who was supposed to be trustworthy and that is right and good. I would plead with both you and your husband to participate in a 12 step group… and get counseling from a qualified sexual addiction therapist. Trust can be rebuilt over a period of years.

My husband has changed so drastically that I am beginning to be able to have a measure of trust again. God bless you. I was in the same boat as your husband for several years. We became roommates instead of a married couple. Then one day I was going through something unrelated that humbled me and drove me to kneel down and pray for help.