The Sky Is Falling (The God Slayers Quartet Book 2)

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This book is gorgeous and heart-wrenching in the very best of ways.

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Recommended by Joanna S. This is a fast and powerful read, which I highly recommend. Jam must then figure out who to trust and how best to protect the people she loves. This YA debut blew me away! Frank Li is a Korean American high school senior who is navigating his identity, family, growing up, and falling in love. His parents expect him to date a Korean girl, but Frank has other plans. This smart, funny, coming-of-age story is very well done and the cast of characters make this book really special. Faith Erin Hicks and Rainbow Rowell team up for Pumpkinheads , a sweet and entertaining graphic novel.

Two Pumpkin Patch veterans, one mad crush, and you have all the ingredients for a truly heartwarming and satisfying tale. Recommended by Mary Jo S. On our first childhood trip to Portland, the two most important stops on our When Alia makes a desperate trade of her voice for a chance at true love, Runa must place an even greater sacrifice on the line to the Sea Witch, who has the power to help or destroy the girls.

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But Evie has plans of her own, and just as much at stake as the sisters… if not more. Recommended by Aubrey W. Wells's debut is a unique and exciting take on the traditional YA fantasy.

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In particular, her attention to diversity breathes new life into the story and leaves you anxiously awaiting the sequel! Recommended by Lucinda G. No one in Sabor trusts the Crows. When Fie, a Crow chieftain-in-training, finds herself in the midst of a royal conspiracy, she just might be able to leverage her help to make a better life for her people — if If possible, my review for this book would be all flame emojis because this book is FIRE! I fell in love with the characters The euphoric highs and the despairing lows of adolescence are explored here in Jaffe's Dryland.

Julie tries to negotiate the crushing weight of her superstar brother while sorting out her confused emotions. She needs help to understand her own fogged mind, but the people she relies on only seem to hinder her, and she is caught in the undertow of muddy waters. A Portland-centric coming-of-age story that touches on the city's quirks and In my eyes, Tehanu is the tale of a family being woven together.

We are reintroduced to Tenar, and are given a glimpse into what her life has been like since the escape from Atuan. She and Ged become parental figures to a mysterious injured child, and are brought closer together for it. This is a story of all levels of love and hardship that bring communities together during times of chaos. Recommended by Rin S. The Farthest Shore becomes the story of Ged being a mentor in a way you never thought he would.

He and Prince Arren sail the archipelago together on a quest to quell the darkness engulfing the lives of those touched by wizardry. You get to see Ged's thoughts and ways of life age in a way opposite of how we knew him in Wizard of Earthsea. I highly recommend this book if you'd like to continue your journey in Earthsea. The perfect gift for the kid in your life with a giant box of Legos and no idea of what to make; this book has suggestions to build their way from Privet Drive to Diagon Alley.

Reimagined and brought to life in book form is the darkly atmospheric tale of Ofelia, daughter of the king of the Underworld, a girl who must navigate the will of fairies and faun and creatures of all manner who wish to reclaim her into their realm, below ground. Joy McCullough produces a searing blend of poetry and prose in her tale of Artemesia Gentileschi, a Roman artist who lived in the early s. Daughter of artist Orazio Gentileschi, Artemesia inherited and surpassed her father's talent, but as a woman, she had no autonomy, no ability to support herself, and no recognition of her genius.

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She did, however, have an art teacher; he betrayed her trust, raped her, and ruined her reputation, her Tombs of Atuan takes you on a different journey than you expect to go on, or rather, someone else's journey. You follow Tenar as she gives away her name to the darkness and later discovers her true self and her true name along with the secrets of the tombs and her home. She eventually crosses paths with our favorite wizard, and the story continues.

I highly recommend this continuation of the Earthsea series. The lore only gets richer and But when her venture leads to an unexpected group of new friends and an even more unexpected romance, Cameron starts to wonder if she can't — or shouldn't — be tamed.

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Damsel uses the prince-rescues-damsel trope as an allegory for the perpetuation of violence against women through the ages. Elana K. Arnold's lyrical prose itself makes me want to weep. If you, too, want to be filled with the righteous fury of a dragon, read this book. Once again, acclaimed author Randy Ribay gives voice to a marginalized community to riveting effect.

This is an atmospheric YA fantasy novel full of monsters, magic, love triangles, and lovable characters. Recommended by Ariel K. All the feels. Yes, this was hard to read, and will be a hard read for anyone who has experienced even the smallest bit of anxiety or OCD. The story is all life, all truth, and all yearning to find meaning. John Green, thank you for sharing this part of yourself. Recommended by Andy A.

Wow, was I nervous before I started this, worrying it wouldn't be as good as its predecessors. Luckily, I loved it just as much, if not more, than the His Dark Materials series. Returning to Lyra's world was like coming home again, and I enjoyed every minute of it. This book has it all — wonderful characters and world-building, clever, smart writing, incisive and relevant political commentary, perfect pacing and mood development… I never Adults often tell kids to "calm down," but we don't always teach kids the skills to actually calm down their bodies and their thoughts.

This book does just that and is perhaps the friendliest feeling picture book I've ever read. With the help of some adorable animal friends and gently rhyming text, kids learn to concentrate on their breathing, slow their thoughts, notice the world around them, and identify their feelings. A fantastic introduction Sherman Smith saw something that upset him so much that he decides to just not think about it. At all. He goes on with his life, but the reader begins to see that this plan is not working for Sherman as he deals with stomachaches, nightmares, getting in trouble at school, and other problems.

Eventually Sherman begins to talk with Ms. Maple, who gently helps him to process his feelings, and he slowly starts feeling better. When I was Sometimes, most times, a revolution doesn't start big. It starts small. With one person, refusing to accept the status quo any longer. Internment shows us not only what a near future could look like with a Muslim ban in force, but what resistance often entails.

Quiet resignation.

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And sometimes, it's those with their entire future to lose that will lead the way. Recommended by Beth C. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast with both fantasy and contemporary settings, this twisty tale will keep you up to learn if our heroes fall in love, break the curse, and save the kingdom. Recommended by Bethany O. This quirky and fun Cinderella retelling is perfect for anyone who's ever believed in the magic of fandom. The start of a new fantasy series, this fast-paced story is full of adventure, hilarious banter, and plenty of mischief.

Elizabeth Acevedo has worked her magic again in With the Fire on High , crafting a beautifully written novel that is both realistic and fantastical, touching, funny, thought-provoking, inspirational, diverse, and thoroughly entertaining, all at the same time. Bonus: it's chock-full of fantastic food descriptions! A YA murder mystery with a paranormal twist! This fantasy debut is just plain fun, even in its darkest moments. An underground tournament with a powered-up prize of rewriting the past could be her chance to set things right — if she can train as a fighter and master her fear in First in an excellent trilogy, An Ember in the Ashes introduces an ironfisted empire on the brink of civil war.

When their paths intertwine, magic ensues — and the Empire may fall. Take a journey through a mythical Japan inhabited by creatures from folklore and legend. Yumeko, half-human, half-kitsune is entrusted with a mission that will save the land, or just as easily get her killed. Tatsumi, the bearer of a cursed blade, is a deadly shinobi on a mission of his own.

When their paths cross, these two become uneasy allies, each guarding their secrets from the other. Joined along the way by an irreverent ronin and a noble This gorgeous, masterful book reads like the best of fairy tales. Every year, the people of the Protectorate make a terrible sacrifice to keep the witch of the woods at bay — but nothing is quite as it seems, and truth buried deep will always, eventually, erupt.